You are only human, this is normal, there is a lot of people that the hit snooze button when they hear the rain in the mornings.

But it is these people that tend to fall off the wagon through this period.
They seek out comfort wherever they can because of the cold weather, this is not good as it forms bad habits in all areas.
They hit snooze, they start to eat more of the wrong foods, they are less active, weight starts to creep on, they become quite lazy and weak both physically and mentally. This spirals out of control, they become demotivated and before they know it, spring has arrived and they are trying to build momentum, ‘AGAIN’, to get their ‘sexy body’ for summer. 🙄

I get it we all go through ‘seasons’, we will all more than likely gain a few extra kg’s through the winter but why stop moving for? It just makes it harder in the long run.

DID YOU KNOW, in physics they say it takes a lot of effort to get something moving, but when it is in motion it stays in motion.


So to keep things simple as always, the best thing to do through winter is just keep moving everyday, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just MOVE!

Few motivation tips for winter
1. Change up your training, could be style/type, could be duration/intensity or simply the time of day you train.
2. Cold weather is no excuse, go to the gym
3. Cold weather is no excuse, go to the gym
4. Cold weather is no excuse, go to the gym