Our group fitness timetable features a variety of classes to cover all aspects of your training and recovery.

Workouts incorporate our gym’s top of the range equipment, including squat racks, dumbbells, cable machines, leg press, sled tracks, assault bikes, treadmills, rowers, ski-ergs, kettlebells, crosscores, heavy tyres, ropes, treadmills and all the little fun stuff!


Supervised by an Open Gym Coach. Must bring a towel. Must sign in and out.Open hours to come in and train at your own pace OR a programmed session. A perfect time slot to miss a class but not skip training!


Target all the little muscle fibres with this low impact class. Don't underestimate the power of regressing your movements, for progression in the long run.


NOT your typical bike class! Quick, super effective and guaranteed to get you out your comfort zone! Cardio-based conditioning class, with very low impact on the joints and body. You get out what you put in.The bikes we use are known worldwide for taking professional athletes and sporting teams to their next level of fitness and conditioning.


Bodyweight training originally designed for the military and MMA fighters. Builds core strength, elongates the muscles, improves mobility, and increases muscle development. Compliments all athletes’ style of training, or the everyday person looking for toning, weight loss, strength, power, stamina and endurance.


This class takes you into the great outdoors to workout with Mother Nature. Its tough, its fun, its serious, its BOOTCAMP! Working as a team we build each other up.... NO ONE gets left behind!


Join us for a fantastic S&C session. Ideal for athletes and everyday fitness warriors alike.


Strength Training is essential for fat loss, and the increase of muscle mass. This class utilises all compound lifts and functional movement patterns, carefully guided by our head coach. LIFTing is a must if you want to be stronger for longer in life!


This is Boxing 101. Get ready to push limits and sweat! Boxing for fitness delivers an incredible all-body workout.


75minutes of Traditional Hatha Tantric Yoga, covering asana, pranayama, meditation. We practice to get back into our soul. We practice to cultivate the building blocks internally, to stand with resilience and grace in this fast paced society.Learn to breathe into the present moment. Learn to master yourself with 100% effort, whilst remaining effortless. Most importantly, take these teachings off the mat and live your life with more Prana, more self awareness, and more grounding.


With sessions every weekday morning and evening, and weekend mornings, we have something to match your training needs and to help you live every day the Prana way. Check out the timetable, and save your spot in class – we’ll see you there!