Our group fitness timetable features a variety of classes to cover all aspects of your training and recovery.


Periodised strength training over 12 week blocks, (although you can jump into class at any time) - targeting upper body, lower body and your olympic lifts. All programs have been carefully designed and tested by our head coaches here at Prana Athletica to ensure adequate balance, recovery and results!


Full body strength & conditioning, using a variety of training styles and formats to increase your physical capabilities, and build your mental toughness as an everyday athlete. Designed to push you out of your comfort zone and get the most out of you (safely) in 50 minutes. *All levels of fitness welcome.


Our signature conditioning class using exercises targeting your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. High energy and grit building - this training format is world renown as a prerequisite for pro athletes to compete in their chosen field.


Simple, effective, interval training programmed to yield great results in the span of 30minutes. Built on the TABATA method and perfect for the time poor.


Follow one of our programs in your own time utilising our Open Gym Access.


Functional training targeting your abdominals for 30 minutes flat. Programmed to isolate all the many layers of your abdomen, and teach you how to engage your core and glutes correctly.


Strength Training is essential for fat loss, and the increase of muscle mass. LIFT is our strength class targeting lower body, upper body and OLY lifting. All of our programs are periodised over 12 week blocks, though you can jump in anytime. They have all been carefully designed and tested by our head coaches here at Prana Athletica to ensure adequate balance, recovery and RESULTS!


This is Boxing 101. Get ready to push limits and sweat! Boxing for fitness delivers an incredible all-body workout.


75minutes of Traditional Hatha Tantric Yoga, covering asana, pranayama, meditation. We practice to get back into our soul. We practice to cultivate the building blocks internally, to stand with resilience and grace in this fast paced society.Learn to breathe into the present moment. Learn to master yourself with 100% effort, whilst remaining effortless. Most importantly, take these teachings off the mat and live your life with more Prana, more self awareness, and more grounding.


With sessions every weekday morning and evening, and weekend mornings, we have something to match your training needs and to help you live every day the Prana way. Check out the timetable, and save your spot in class – we’ll see you there!