Whether you love to exercise in a fun and supportive class environment, or you prefer highly focused workouts with a personal trainer, Prana is all about finding the way that works for you and your unique needs and wants.

Personal training

When you have a specific training goal, or a timeframe for achieving a certain health or fitness objective, the dedicated attention of a personal trainer can help you achieve it. The 1-on-1 attention provided by our experienced and friendly team of coaches can ensure you perform exercises with great technique, continually progress your results and maintain the motivation to hit your goals.


For many people this form of training is ‘the best of both worlds’, encompassing the personalised attention of a personal trainer and the social aspects of group workouts.

Working in pairs and as a small team, you’ll laugh and work up a sweat as you benefit from the motivation and support that comes with shared communal exercise experiences.

Functional training

At Prana we focus on functional workouts that strengthen the muscles and movement patterns you use in daily life. Our 500m2 gym space features a range of equipment, from squat racks, dumbbells and cable machines, to leg press, sled tracks and everything in between.

By combining this equipment with our Coaches’ functional training expertise, you’ll enhance your performance in everything you do, from household chores and playing with the kids, to heavy lifting and playing sport.

private group training

The benefits of working out as a group extend way beyond the physical, with strong social bonds being built on the gym floor.

Many businesses and organisations are using regular group fitness experiences to enhance their team members’ health, wellbeing, happiness and social cohesion.

Discover for yourself how Private Group Training with Prana can help you and your team.

intro offer : 10 days for $36

We know you want to feel comfortable about where you train and the community you train with, so our 10-day offer gives you time to experience the Prana Athletica way before you commit to joining us.