Exercising everyday builds muscle, burns fats, sculpts your body and has you performing better. It creates more energy for you and has you feeling great, I don’t know anyone that has finished a workout and feels like crap for it!

Apart from all the above obvious physical and mental benefits, daily exercise also builds character. It takes discipline to get to the gym everyday! Showing up and putting in that work daily builds self confidence. You prove to yourself that you are capable of committing to something even though there is no instant reward or gratification. We all know it takes months even years to see the results you want (don’t listen to moose knuckles on the internet telling you otherwise).
It shows you can be consistent, have daily focus and it builds resilience!

These are all characteristics of strong, successful individuals! These are tools that will help you in life.

Yes for some it is near impossible to get to a gym daily but you can move your body.
Some people have other commitments that make it hard to fit in daily exercise, but is it really stopping you, or are you stopping you?

Sometimes you need rest, sometimes you need to dial it back a little bit, (assuming you have been working hard, so don’t cop out here.)

Otherwise put your big boy or girl pants on and DO THE WORK!

Remember we must all sharpen our swords in the good times to prepare for the tough times.