“I’m not fit enough yet, I just want to get a bit fitter then I’ll come train” this is an excuse I hear a lot!

It frustrates me because these people are short changing them self and I know if they just started they would see very quickly the benefits.

Being the most ‘underdeveloped’ person in the room is actually a really good thing, it’s a massive opportunity for growth and fast!

You will learn from and naturally level up to the people around you.

They have been where you are, they have progressed, they are vibrating on a ‘higher level’ in that realm so to speak, and if you hang around these people you will eventually level up too!

Look at fighters for example, the first year or two you get beaten up, you are the punching bag. But this is part of learning as a fighter. If you were to go to a club and you were better than everyone there, how would you progress? How would you improve, learn and become a world champion if you were not being tested and pushed daily?

Don’t get me wrong you need a good community or team around you. If you are a total beginner and you go to a gym full of knobs, chances are you won’t want to go back. If this is you, contact Prana Athletica, we build strong healthy happy humans! 😉

Remember, Being uncomfortable is a big part of growth, so if you want to get fitter or more experience before taking action, you’ve got it all wrong.

Take action then the rest will follow!