These days everyone is measuring their success with all the WANK they see online, Fat ass, six pack abs and nice cars. Don’t get me wrong I would love some shredded abs and don’t mind a fat ass or a nice car but there is no way in hell that I will compare or measure my success to that shit.

How I measure my success is my daily effort, the little things I do daily to get towards my goals. If I do what I need to on a daily basis, I am more settled, happy, less stressed and a day closer toward where I want to be.

Wherever you are right now in your fitness journey, is because of YOU and your effort. The only difference between the ‘weak, unhealthy, unhappy person’ compared to the ‘strong, healthy, happy person’ is their EFFORTS. Showing up and putting in the work is not reserved for anyone special, we don’t need talent to put in work.

More often than not the ‘unhappy’ people are so quick to judge, compare or look too far ahead on their journey, these people often forget to stop and smell the roses. The ‘happy’ more ‘successful’ people tend to be grateful for what they have, and honour that by putting in their best efforts every single day.

It’s really simple…. DO THE WORK!