I was doing research online and came across 1000 moose knuckles with 1000 ‘better’ ways to get fit and healthy!
Bunch of 👉✊

All of this stuff is just confusing, it confuses me for fark sake and I work in the ‘industry’, no wonder people give up and don’t even bother starting.

I know it confuses people because over the years if I had a dollar for every time a client said “Jye, I seen this new training style that I want to do whilst going gluten free”

A few more examples of ‘confusion’…
People telling me about this new gadget or sleep cycle tracker, that tracks your rhythms and will help you achieve better results. My first question to them is “do you get 8 hours sleep every night?” Majority of the time its a pause then a hesitant “no”. 

Another good one is ways to boost energy or testosterone levels that will supercharge your results in half the time, all you gotta do is sun tan your balls or butt hole. 

How about the famous ‘Fad diets’, they do my F brain in! If I get started here I won’t stop!
Obviously allergies, intolerances etc play a factor, but so does our habits, its no harder stuffing a piece of fruit in that hole under your nose than it is a chocolate bar!

Don’t get me wrong some of those creative ways will work for some people, but they all mean absolutely nothing if you don’t have the basics sorted.

Basics done well everyday is key 🔑
Eating more good food than bad food, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep/recovery and training with intent. It’s that simple!
If you can’t do these things consistently then all the other ‘stuff’ is not going to help you.

Everybody is so fixated on the minor things that don’t really matter, if you can’t even get the major things right (the basics).
It will also be easier to implement the little things if you have solid foundations already, although my guess is you probably wont need them.

Again, all those extras are great and I’m all for trying new things and constantly learning.

End of the day, there is no quick fix, there is no shortcuts to achieving anything great.