Some of the obvious reasons you need to warm up is to elevate the heart rate, improve your flexibility and lower the risk of injury.

Another key reason to warm up correctly is to set the tone for your upcoming workout. When you are warming up you need to do this with intent and purpose in order to maximise your performance and results in the gym. If you have one of those days where you are just not motivated to train, get to the gym and have a really solid warm up, chances are you will fire up and train harder than you thought you could.

A good cool down is just as important, it helps regulate your blood flow, slows the heart rate and triggers the anabolic response from your body. In simple terms it communicates to your body that the workout is over, and it is time to repair and rebuild. This is where the magic happens as far as physiological results. After your cool down, refuel with some adequate protein and nutrition to optimise your recovery!