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Stuck in a rut?


It doesn’t have to be perfect!

In physics they say it takes a lot of effort to get something moving. But when it is in motion it’s stays in motion. In the beginning of starting something new or taking something to another level we will need to do a lot of stuff. It will take a lot of effort, a lot of energy, but this is creating momentum for you whether you see it or not.

I remember when I first started as a personal trainer I was unsure if it would work, but I just jumped in head first and went for it. I knew I had to create something and fast! I had a mortgage, a baby on the way, half way through house renovations I needed done before my mums 50th surprise bday and training for an upcoming Muay Thai bout.

I was working as a tiler along side my business partner at the time, we were very successful. I had nice cars, a motorbike and loads of overseas holidays every year. But I knew I was done with tiling and needed something more fulfilling, I was ‘stuck in a rut’.

So i just did SOMETHING!
I booked my PT course, I was doing loads free training for people in the meantime (even mobile services), I was training my self, I was studying, I sold all my cars and my motorbike to put on the mortgage and bought a $3000 old van I could use for boot camps and mobile PT’s. I did this to buy me some time as I was out of a job after I left my previous business. As you can see I did A LOT of stuff.

I was working long hours day & night throughout this time, loads of free work etc but it was building momentum for what was to come. So many times I was told I need to value myself more, its not going to work, just keep tiling and do this on the side etc but I could see the big picture these people could not.

Cut a long story short I built a very successful business and was living quite comfortably in a short amount of time. 8.5 years later and my MOMENTUM is still going strong. If I never just jumped in and did SOMETHING who knows where I would be today.

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut with your health and fitness the same principals apply.

DO SOMETHING! Stop over thinking it, get off your ass, book a class, go for a run, hit a weights sessions, get yourself a coach. ANYTHING!

This will create momentum leading to a healthier, happier lifestyle and results!