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We all come across roadblocks in life.

And I mean literally in little old Adelaide with all the road works going on.

Anyway, I was driving the other day and road works were sending me on detours. I was in a bit of a rush already (my fault). I remember thinking what a head-F, this is going to take forever now, and I was annoyed for a minute but got over it when I realised the detour worked out ok and it could be worse.

This little episode made me think how often people cometo a roadblock in their fitness journey and just go “ahh fark it, this is too hard, I give up”


Let me ask you this:

When you are heading to a destination and you run into blocked off roads and detour signs tell you to stop and go another route, do you take that route to arrive to your destination or just crack the shits and go home?

My guess is you follow that new route, maybe less favourable (little bit of road rage for some people), but you go anyway because you have somewhere you want to be. You accept what is and make it happen.

(Lets face it, We can’t yell and scream this problem away, imagine seeing som

eone yelling at a stop sign….  😳Cooked)

Now, look at your fitness journey.

Why is it that so many people just give up when something doesn’t come easyor go right?

Do we need a big yellow sign saying ‘detour’ just to keep going?


Our body is the most important vessel we have to help get to our ultimate destination in life whatever that may be. I think it’s just LAZY and CRAZY that we will give up on ourselves in an instant, but not give up on that coffee date, or movie at the cinema because the road signs said so.

Seriously, you have one body and one life, stop making excuses as to why you’re not at least trying to be the best you can be.

Stop giving up on yourself, stop saying “ill start tomorrow”, this is Bu!!sh!T!

You are capable!

You can do it!

It’s your choice!