Ride the wave!

Life is just up and down!

For example last year I achieved so much, I finished the year strong, I was fit as a fiddle, I was thriving then BOOM! 2023 hit and I came crashing down. I feel like I get to an all time high but then always hit the bottom, HARD!

Im slowly learning that life is just that, up and downs, it comes in waves and we just need to learn to ride those waves and keep moving.

For example this year, a few days into January I injured my wrist really bad, but wait it gets better. Due to the injury in my wrist an immune response was triggered in my body and my left foot blew out to the size of a kettlebell a few days later. The pain was excruciating in both my right wrist and my left foot. Im talking 50 plus Endone pain killers over a week or so on top of whatever other pain killers I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. Mind you, I’m the type of person I don’t even take Panadol for a headache. So taking all these prescription drugs for me was against the grain.

Anyway, so with all the testing and scans etc on my wrist I had found out I have an auto immune issue that seems to attack my ligaments and tendons, and I am not sure what triggers this exactly.

The doctors said a slight knock or minor injury could trigger this response at anytime.

All these years of people telling me I’m over training etc and it turns out all my injuries would more than likely be a result of this autoimmune issue.

This is not a sob story I don’t need people feeling sorry for me, things could be so much worse and I am grateful for all I have, its just to give you a clear picture.

Life is up and down. Winter/summer, night/day, good bad. For every positive there is a negative.

Even when things do come crashing down, or aren’t going in your favour you need to keep moving forward. The first 5-6 weeks of this year I was depressed, due to not being able to train hard and do what I love and helps Jye be Jye. But then a switch flicked in my head,  I thought what the F am I doing. Get the F up and do SOMETHING! I rang my GURU-OF-ALL-THINGS Jens from flinders Park Chiro, and asked his thoughts on my bright idea to envision getting better and walking and training sooner than later. He loved it, glad he did because I would have done it either way!

At this stage both feet were not good, I couldn’t walk, my wrist still in a stint but I told my self everyday I’m getting better. I can walk. I can move. I don’t need pain killers just get F on with it! Day by day I was pushing my self to walk on my feet and pushing through the pain (with in reason). I started riding the bike at the gym every single day. Started slow. After some time I introduced 1kg dumbbells as that’s all my wrist could take, then 2kg, 3kg,4kg you get the point. Im still not where I was prior to this mess but I’m on my way.

A few things I’ve learned from this is experience is patience, discipline, and how to ride that damn boring bike everyday, I’m still doing this daily.

My point to this story is life is up and down, and we need to play with the hands we are dealt. We can not use being in a ‘down period’ or ‘time of struggle’ as an excuse to not get what you need to done. You can still succeed, you can still learn great lessons and you can bet your balls you can keep moving no matter what! Next time you are in a ‘rut’ or something is holding you back, flick that little switch in your head and DO SOMETHING!