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Lets talk nutrition.

Every body knows what ‘good’ food is and what ‘bad’ food is, its not rocket science.

Veges, ✅

Water, ✅,

Chicken, ✅

Mars bar, ❌

Lollies, ❌

Diet Coke, ❌

Every one knows the answers so its not a knowledge problem. It’s a habit problem. Its a mental block. It comes down to how bad you want to lose body fat, build muscle and feel good.

Yes we can flexible diet and squeeze all these nasty things into our daily calorie intake. But let’s look at it like this. You have the latest Ferrari! Would you put any cheap fuel in that bad boy? No! You’d be putting high grade rocket fuel in. You would be using leather wipes everyday. You would be washing it your self and not with a quick and easy car wash. So why the hell is your body, the most important, most valuable vessel you own being treated any different. You should be fuelling with the most nutrient dense whole foods. You should be maintaining it with movement daily, recovery and sleep. You should be drinking loads of water to keep all your joints and bits lubricated and hydrated!

It is no harder to put a piece off broccoli in your mouth then it is a mars bar!

Now I am all about that balance BUT, a healthy balance! I do drink alcohol for example, very rarely, I have the occasional big night with friends, again very rarely. I do eat things off that ‘bad’ food list sometimes, again very rarely compared to all the whole foods I eat daily. In saying that, if I was trying to lose fat, build muscle and feel better about myself I would not eat those foods, I would squash bad habits as I have in the past and make it happen.

If I have a specific goal I want to achieve I do just that! I don’t use a mental block or bad habits as excuses!

It’s really simple, if you want to feel lethargic, slow, brain fogged eat the bad food. If you want to feel energised, sharp, strong, and have mental clarity and drive eat the good foods.

Triggered yet? Good 😊 Don’t get it twisted, you do not have to burn fat or build muscle to feel good, to feel sexy, confident and happy or measure your ‘success’. You may just like working out for the mental health benefits it gives you, I know I do. Happiness and success is not just measured physically by any means, how we feel, how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves and others and how we carry ourselves on a daily basis all play big roles.

BUT, if you are trying to lose body fat and/or build muscle you will need to have some discipline and make healthier choices. What I am trying to say is that if this is you, you know what you gotta do its just a matter of doing it. Chances are if you succeed you will feel good about it too! After all just eating better will have you feeling more disciplined and confident bringing about a sense of achievement in itself.