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Have you had the chance to visit beautiful Thailand? One of my favourite places on this earth! Island LIFE!

Anyway, anyone who has been to there would know what I mean when I say you see Elephants on the streets, sides of the road, you can have photos/feed them/ride them etc.

One thing I noticed on my many adventures there was how big these beautiful creatures are and how small the chain or rope was they were tied to. It made no sense to me. They were tied to an old chair or weak looking frame of some sort, they could literally walk off from it or take it all with them.

Little did I know at the time that when the elephants were young/little this is where the ‘training’ begun.

They would tie the elephants up with a cable, being a baby elephant they couldn’t escape. But what happens is over time they learn that when they are tied up whether that be with a chain or a piece of string they are unable to go anywhere. It creates this false belief system with in them.

I see and hear this a lot among us humans too, in and out the gym.

Going back to my video on old injuries hindering your progression is a perfect example (some people didn’t like my wording #triggered #sorrynotsorry). People thinking because they had an injury that hindered them in previous years, they think it’s that way for ever. It is NOT.

Maybe you have people around you saying you can’t?

Bad habits that you know are no good but can’t shake them?

Maybe it is just a belief system you place on yourself through self doubt and lack of self confidence?

Whatever it is I am telling you now, you are more than capable, you are not inadequate. You are just not taking the right action. There are so many people that have been in your position, the only difference is they made a choice to take action and they are successful because of this!

This goes for all areas of your life, your training, your small business, your relationships! If you want to be the best in your field start taking the right actions now.

If you simply want to be better than yesterday, take action now!

Is there anything holding you back? If so what action can you take right now to break free and move forward?