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Every now and then a memory will pop up of Archie as a baby or I will look back on videos of when he is little. Blows my mind how fast they evolve and learn from mistakes and never giving up! This one video in particular made me go WOW! I have attached it to this post. 👇

I think we tend to forget how important failure is as adults.

When we are babies we don’t just wake up one day and start walking. It takes a lot of falling over and bumping heads before we eventually get it right. I know I fell many times, I know my son fell many times too. Imagine I was to say “Hey Archie, you know what bud, stick to crawling its safe and your good at that, forget walking”

That would be absolutely ridiculous! (I am very grateful he is able to walk with nothing stopping him).

Even reading, writing, tying our shoes, all these things take time to learn but we get it right eventually because we don’t just give up.


We need to re-wire our brains as adults and get rid of that fear of failing. Understand failing is good.  Making mistakes increases your experience and experience decreases your mistakes. (Read that again) 🤯


Did you know Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he got it right! When they asked him what it was like failing that many times, his response was “I never failed once, I just succeeded 10,000 times in learning how not to make a lightbulb”


So next time you fail to hit a target, be that in fitness, work, or life. Learn from it, hold your head high and go again, It’s only over when you stop trying!