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What even is it?

In my eyes, fear is simply personal growth right in front of you waiting to happen!

It comes in all forms! Leaving that shitty job, standing up to that bully, trying something new, starting a new business!

As a coach I see so many people that have the potential to achieve much more but FEAR is crippling them. For example many people are too scared to even join a gym due to caring what others think. Inside the gym they may have had a past injury from a particular exercise and ever since that day they have never attempted it again. Or just a bad experience, embarrassing moment, pairing with some one they may not feel comfortable with, not enjoying a particular class/workout? All the above does not define you, your attitude and actions moving forward define you. I have found people stuck in this mindset tend to alienate themselves, blame others, and end of the day it is only them that lose out. This is extremely frustrating as a coach to see this because I do care and I know these people can do better if they just break through that FEAR!

Stop worrying about what could go wrong and think about all that could go right!

Instead of avoiding it or making excuses why you shouldn’t. Grab it by the balls and go for it! What’s the worse that could happen? You learn a lesson?